Diagnostics and Quality Control

Tools that collect sequencing quality related and comparative metrics

Distmap integration

Tools for integration with the DistMap (Pandey & Schlötterer 2013).


Tools related with mappability on the genome

Mapped reads

Tools operating on already mapped reads (SAM/BAM/CRAM only)

Reads conversion

Tools for converting any supported read source (SAM/BAM/CRAM/FASTQ)

  • ReadsToFastq: Converts any kind of ReadTools source to FASTQ format.

  • StandardizeReads: Standardizes quality and format for all kind of sources for ReadTools.

Reads manipulation

Tools for manipulating any supported read source (SAM/BAM/CRAM/FASTQ)

  • AssignReadGroupByBarcode: Assigns read groups based on barcode tag(s) for all kind of sources for ReadTools.

  • TrimReads: Applies a trimming pipeline to any kind of sources for ReadTools